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About Us

"Epic FUN-Raising for groups, companies and events"

YO Bro, or Yard Olympic Brothers, is an organization that is dedicated to FUN-Raising and bringing people together. It was started by four work brothers and 1 sister during a company team building outing. It has now turned into an epic idea for any and all age groups and levels, who love a great social and or competitive atmosphere.   

We host lively games, and create a customized setting for any group, including golf outings, picnics, parties, corporate, team building outings, concerts and special events.


YO Bro Sports also provides the software and registration tools to help you manage your groups and events. If you host games, parties, outings or any kind of event we are here to help. We make your events epic!

Connect with us now to make your events epic!

Contact Jason at 612-328-4771


"Everyone Can Play Yard Games. The Yard Olympic Brothers Have The Ability To Create An Atmosphere For Any Age Group"

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