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Snow Pitch Softball 
@ National Sports Center
Blaine, MN
February 12, 2022  


The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held February 2022.  What better way to get into the Olympic spirit than participating with friends in a winter event with an Olympic atmosphere. 


This event is open to all levels of players and ability.  Teams will be playing for three things:

  1. The glory of winning a YO Gold medal 

  2. 1st place = $250 in cash 

  3. Division championship plaque with team picture sponsor  


The Venue

  • National Sports Center – 640 acre sports facility – Blaine Minnesota

  • NSC Softball Complex

    • Four fields in a circle design 

    • Dugouts 

    • Concession stand

    • Bleachers


Tournament Features

  • Opening ceremony for each division – lighting of the Olympic Cauldron and Color Guard 

  • Three game guarantee – round robin format – Fourth game if you make it to Gold Medal Game 

  • All games played Saturday 12th 

  • Gold medal – 1st place only 

  • Plaque with team picture – 1st place only

  • Teams that win a plaque are asked to bring it to the division sponsor on Saturday.  Plaque will stay with sponsor for the year. 

  • VIP Card – Very important player discount card to be used at local businesses  

  • Raffle Prizes  

  • YoBro – Yard Olympic Brothers will be offering several backyard games /events on Saturday.


Divisions – 8 teams per division 

  • Invictus A: very competitive, former high school, college, or pro

  • Clive’s B: for players with advanced skills, just a bit older now, lots of game experience 

  • Bricks C: fun and challenging, now older, and just like to play, some formal game experience

  • Wild Bill’s D: fun division for teams with a little game experience


Cost: $375 per team – recommend having 10 players minimum 

Contact: Jason Schulz 763-234-7448 


@ Majestic Oaks Golf Club 
Ham Lake,MN
June 3, 2022  

Cared4Fest - Golf & Summer Yard Olympics

Majestic Oaks Golf Club 

Ham Lake, Minnesota 

June 3, 2022


Cared4Fest will be held June, 3 2022.  What better way to get into the summer spirit than participating with friends in golf, yard olympics and a charitable event in a great atmosphere. 


Golf: 4 Different Tournaments throughout the day 

- Individual Play: Play your own ball 

- Team Play: Team Scramble 

- Competitive & Social Play: Choose a competitive or social play event

Yard Olympics: Compete in the Decathalon of Yard Games. Teams of 2 to 8 players


Registration Coming Soon............................... 

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