Bring us on to help you host your golf outing

We raise more fun and more funds$$

We can also compliment your current golf outing with a Yard Outing or Tournament. We can provide you with many options that will make sure it fits with your event. Connecting more participants, making it more fun and helping you raise more money for your organization, charity, or foundation!

How it works: We provide an epic yard olympic event that will run exactly at the same time as your golf outing, right at the golf course. This will create another fun competitive environment for more participants, along with adding an additional revenue stream at your event. We offer up to 32 teams to register, compete, become a yard olympic champion and win the prestigious YO Major Award.

  • No Risk: Our professional & experienced staff will do all the work with no time requirements or cost to your group.

  • Cost For Teams: Teams will register and pay the same as the cost as a golf foursome

How does YO Bro get paid?

We only make money when teams register and a YO Event takes place.  

Corporate Affair


Keeping it classy. Our YO Bro staff will dress in traditional golf attire. We will turn down the music and watch our P's and Q's.   We know your members can be driven and competitive, so this culture focuses on the integrity of our games and the competition.   

     Social Mixer

This culture is our most popular. We bring music and an energetic staff dressed in athletic clothing. There is an equal focus on being social, having fun, and competitive play. This choice pleases the masses and won't scare your mom away. 

     Competitive Culture

We will build the event around competition, and outcomes. We can host different levels and divisons of play to make the event as competitive as you would like.


     Costume Party

Not for the faint of heart. We will make sure the event host is pumping up the music the drinks and the party to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. Awards will be provided for the best dressed and the teams who are the most fun.